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and the odds.. all seem stacked.

dancing in the darkness

Leeroy Joyce
15 April 1982
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this is me. I'm a 25 year old transboy living in San Rafael , California.
I like a whole lotta things.
from baking pies to witty conversation, from dancing in a club to hiking Marin's beautiful trails... you'll find me.
sometimes I'm in the corner of your eye, & others I am center stage.
you'll never know 'til you see, though...
acceptance, adoption, adventure, alliterations, bands, bbqing carne asada, beating, beautiful people, being a dork, bitch and animal, biting, blood, blunts, books, boys, boys shakin' their shit, buffy the vampire slayer, building sandcastles, calm mellow moods, cock piercings, cooking, cooking healthy, dates, delicious dinner, desires, divergence, dorothy allison, double entendres, eating, electricity, energy between people, energy work, expressive eyes, faggotry, fears, fisting, flirting, font upon the skin, fresh tattoos, frottage, ftm, fucking, fucking in public, fun people, gender, gender fuckers, gender variance, going to the zoo, good porn, grammar freaks, greasy breakfast, hackey sack, hickies, hidden meanings, homoeopathy, inequality, iron chef, iron cock, iron wit, isabel allende, jack london, janis joplin, jean auel, joan osborne, kissing your lips bruised, kissing. humanity, knitting, learning, leather, listening, live music, loud moaning lovers, loving, lynn breedlove, lyrics to songs, makin' a ruckus, massage, meerkats, motivations, my tongue on skin, mystery, naked x-box, new foods, non-traditional family situations, obscure literature, open-hearts, open-legs, open-minds, oral sex, organic food, people of the abyss, people who sing, phone sex, photographic books, pierced nipples, polyamory, prairie dogs, public sex, pushed against walls, pushing the limits, receiving mail/parcels, restraint, sarcasm, sensory depravation, sexy sex, shared inside jokes, snuggling, sociology, softball, spanking, spirit building, spirituality, subtle wordplay, sucking cock, sustainability, switches, teaching, the orgasm face, thrift-store hopping, thrift-storing, ties, tips at work, tongue piercings, transfags, unspoken communication, variance. workmates, vocabulary, writing letters, writing poems on skin