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quiz me - and the odds.. all seem stacked.

Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:17 am quiz me

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1) Have you flirted with suicidegirl_jen? yes
2) What exotic animal would stripmysenses like as a pet? a lion cub
3) Is captainchode single? nope
4) Where would stripmysenses most like to visit? paris, amsterdam
5) If captainchode took over the world, who would suffer? those fuckers who are stupid.
6) Is vajenna_lynn 1337? uhm, no.
7) What animal does captainchode remind you of? a gay gay penguin. or something.
8) Is captainchode related to suicidegirl_jen? nope.
9) Did stripmysenses break up with you? nope.
10) Where was lindsey1984 born? mountain view
11) What animal should stripmysenses be combined with? a liger.
12) Would stripmysenses and vajenna_lynn make a good couple? uhm, too femme.
13) Does radicalactivist smoke? nope, not at ALL
14) Is lindsey1984 popular? to me, yes.
15) Would captainchode and stripmysenses look good together? perhaps.
16) Thoughts on radicalactivist? go socialism! fuck this commercial system.
17) Does radicalactivist go to your school? nope
18) captainchode's hair color? sexy
19) If stripmysenses commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? an army of lesbians.
20) Is stripmysenses an emo? perhaps.
21) Could you see vajenna_lynn and radicalactivist together? that could be hot, actually.
22) Do you think radicalactivist is hot? perhaps
23) Where did you first meet stripmysenses? positive images
24) If vajenna_lynn and time_is_poetry were spliced together, what would be its name? Vagali
25) What is vajenna_lynn allergic to? hate, retardation
26) Do stripmysenses and time_is_poetry go to the same school? they're the same person
27) Does lindsey1984 know captainchode? oh yes, they both think the other is hot
28) One thing you can't stand about radicalactivist? hypocrisy, but that's for everyone...
29) Is time_is_poetry in a relationship? I hope so still, with aidan.
30) Are vajenna_lynn and suicidegirl_jen married? hahahahah, no

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